The First Day of Spring

“It’s the first day of spring….And my life is starting over again.”

– Noah & The Whale: The First Day of Spring

No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn.

No matter what winter brought you, the world turns a page and melts away the cold hearts, the frozen dreams, the fruitless work and fading love.

Isn’t that the beauty of a fresh start? “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the sun.”- Ecclesiastes 3:11.

What are you waiting for this new chapter to bring? And how will you live? And will how you live define the quality of your fresh start?

Although a new season creates the condition for growth, and renewal and change: it takes the planting, the watering, the TLC to make the flowers grow. Where do you need some watering in your life? You can’t expect the same winter flowers to break out of the frost on their own.

Make this new season the foundation for a new start to the dead things in your life. May spring’s petals pave the path to your new birth. The hopes that are held in the darkness are the flowers that bloom in the light. 145811372663822-2

Time runs its race within Your Hands


CF2YcskUIAA8gX_Lyricoftheday “Time runs its race within Your Hands”- Hillsong United “Here Now (Madness)”

Isn’t time the strangest concept. The more I think about it, the less I understand how it works or makes sense. I have this experience when I sit with clients. Sometimes an hour can feel like a minute, or a minute feel like an hour. Time often feels like a cruel dictator. Caging our hopes and dreams or tying us to all we used to be. We feel like it should measure something or give us some kind of stability but the only thing we know about time is that, it is always moving. Like a hasmter on a wheel. Running, running, running. Time is a lot like us in that sense. We are always running, running, running. But who will win? Time or us?

I feel like I’m always losing the race against time. I’m always wanting to do more, be more, use more. But it all takes time and I’m sick of waiting and watching it go by.

Isn’t it a comfort that even though it seems to get away from us, it can never outrun our Heavenly Father. He holds us and He holds time. He transcends. He is never early, never late. He exists outside and invites us with him to step off the treadmill of trying to timeline our lives and realize Time is not our enemy: we are held in the same Hands.

holding dressember tight in our hearts all the year through

@Dressember Recap #Lyricoftheday Wonder whose arms will hold you good and tight #ellafitzgerald What are you doing New Year’s Eve

Holding my nephew reminds me of the reason I did my second annual #dressember challenge. I want him to grow up believing in the inherent dignity of people. Where “speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves” is his new year’s resolution every year. Where respect for women and love for his sisters in Christ comes so naturally for him that when God brings him that one woman to love and respect like Jesus loves His bride, He will hold her good and tight and show her the same love He experienced from me, his mom, his grandmas and all the women in his life. Standing for women enslaved around the world is more than just a fun reason to wear a dress every day. It’s about valuing God’s creation enough to pass it on down through the generations. If we are only concerned with making a change for our generation and our time, our efforts are in vain. We must teach the next generation and instill in them the importance of love, generosity, and grace. This is how we truly change the world. 145170837353909.png

Dressember Day 16: Gold I bring to crown Him again

Dressember Day 16:

“Gold I bring to crown Him again”- We Three Kings

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the spirit and sentiment in the air that makes us believe we all have something valuable to give to our loved ones. As the gift-giving day of the year quickly approaches, some of us find ourselves shopping at Neiman Marcus, others of us at the Ninety-Nine Cent Store ;all of us pursuing the perfect gift that embodies the words we can’t say “I love you”, “you mean so much to me”, “you deserve to be valued.”

We spend hours scavenging the sale racks and racing our shopping carts with the image of the look on our loved ones’ face when they open that perfect present as the end prize. Yes, the skeptic in me is thinking about how much money is being made off of this sacred holiday and how the retail industry takes advantage of this “gift-giving” spirit of the season. And yet underneath all the hustle & bustle & panic & anticipation: we breathe in this truth: being selfless brings satisfaction. Making others happy, makes you happy. And you may not have everything you want this Christmas, you may not get everything you want this Christmas but you have something. You have been given something and you have something to give. To your loved ones, to women around the world oppressed by the yoke of slavery, to yourself.

Each dress I wear reminds me: even when I feel like there is so much I can’t do, there is something I can do. I can wear a dress and stand against slavery and help the women around the world. I can give the gift of awareness and education to others. I can produce real change. Please join me by visiting my fundraising page: and praying for eyes to see the ways in which God is calling you to give this season. Giving is a way to crown the King.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”- Matthew 25:40 14490398318267-3




dressember day 15: the Christmas Swing

14490398318267-2.jpgAnd if it snows in late December, we don’t care! We’ll do the Christmas Swing- Dixie Chicks #Christmas swing

Well, I’m halfway through Dressember and this year’s process has been an experience of a full range of emotions. Each morning, thinking about what to wear that day, my heart breaks for the many women who don’t even have the opportunity to do something as simple as choose. Have a choice. That freedom that I have every morning to wake up, choose to get out of bed, choose to wear a certain dress that day, even that is something I have that others don’t and something I take for granted.
I dress today to remind myself, despite the snow, and the swinging emotions from a breaking heart to hope: there is always something to be grateful for and there is always an action to take. We can all do our part. Whether it’s $1 or $10 or $100. Please consider giving to my campaign and giving to the cause of choice, freedom & hope.

Love in the room from the floor to the ceiling

Dressember Weekend Update
“It’s a wonderful feeling, with the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling” NSync Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

The Love I have experienced from family and friends has been overwhelming this weekend. In the back of my mind as I wore a dress to each special day, I thought of the many girls that this campaign is fighting to raise awareness for. Although I could not show them tangible love, my heart sends all the love to them and I do my small part to make a difference. Small things done with great love can make a great difference. IMG_9702 (1)