Just hold on, we’re going home #Drizzywisdom

Just hold on, we're going home #Drizzywisdom

There are just some things we can’t control. I’m sitting on an airplane watching a poor couple struggle trying to get their approximately 6-month-old baby to stop crying. They tried the pacifier, the dance, the “shhhhhh”, the rocking her head back and forth like a pendulum, the baby food, the runway walking up and down the aisle, the staring out the window. Goodness, I’m even helping! I’ve been playing peek-a-boo with her for the past 15 minutes (actually that’s the only time she stopped crying, go me! ) After about a 45 minute struggle, and several disgruntled passengers around, she’s sleeping in her dad’s lap as the father lays his head back, rejoicing in exhaustion. Isn’t this the picture of life? We take a risk. We start this journey as an infant. God is holding us as our Heavenly Father. He knows that we’re in a new place. He knows we’re not going to like everything we encounter on this trip. Our ears popping as the plane takes off. The altitude. The turbulence. It’s new, it’s unfamiliar, and WE DON’T LIKE IT! Why did you bring us here? We look at our father and ask. He goes to great lengths to comfort us because He knows that if we just rest quiet and trust in Him we will make it home smoothly, enjoyably, safely. Not without difficulty, but more importantly, with each other, being held in his arms. The other passengers know, this plan ride is not the MOST fun… but it is getting us where we need to be, and that is HOME.

So to echo Mr. Drizzyyyy Drake… In this life all we need to do is just hold on, we’re going home.