Come, Lay em down.

Come, Lay em down.

I carry a lot of things around.
The other day, I had this revelation on the 3rd trip to my car that on any given day I notice on my right arm I am carrying one mega-sized work-bag (with my laptop, a few folders, marketing materials, planners, little notebooks, and any number of random objects for my kid clients such as a football, a box of play dough, a my little pony figurines, you get the picture). in my right hand is a traveling mug of tea, in my left is a water bottle. Underneath my arm my yoga mat, and strapped on my left arm is my lunch bag.

I carry a lot of things around.
Today I had this realization as I sat reading the words of Jesus to the Pharisees. He said “They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.” As a therapist, I think I get caught up in the trap of thinking I am supposed to carry people’s burdens, they are supposed to lay them at my feet. But really, no human can hold any burden with any sense of comfort and rest. We all have burdens, and the more we try to take on others’ burdens, the heavier ours become and the less we are actually able to truly help them. I carry the load of worry, fear, unforgiveness, pride. I put this load on myself and walk around life wondering why I get stressed, sad and anxious. I let it seep into my relationships with other people but worse, I let it seep into my relationship with my Savior.
And in the midst of trying to juggle these burdens, trying to bear them on my back I hear Him say:
Find rest for your soul
Cast your burdens on Me.
I care for you.

So come to the River, whose streams make glad the city of God. Find a place to lay your trouble. And find true rest for your soul.
Just, “lay em down”.

Lyric: Needtobreathe “Lay em down”

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