Dressember Weekend Update_He comes to make His blessings flow

Lyric of the Day: “He comes to make His blessings flow”- Joy to the World


Dressember Day 12:

Coat: Jessica Simpson

Wedge Boots: Ella Moss

Dress: Socialite

image1 copy 2

Dressember Day 13:

Sweater: Calvin Klein

Dress: Eight- Sixty


Dressember Day 14

Dress: Forever 21

Coat: Jessica Simpson


Beanie: USC

Scarf: Homemade Santa Scarf

Boots: Steve Madden



Dressember Day 15

Sweater: Papaya

Dress: Cielo

Boots: Steve Madden

This weekend was full of blessings. Blessings of Fellowship. Friends. Food. Family.¬†When I heard this lyric during our Christmas service at church on sunday, I thought about the fact that we¬†use the word blessing a lot in conversation (my instagram handle itself is “beablessing”) “I’m so blessed”. “Count your blessings”. I realize as I think about this weekend that a blessing is something we receive as much as something that we should share with others. The gift that keeps on giving.¬†We can be a blessing and receive a blessing and give a blessing but what does it really mean? During Christmas, we draw our attention to things, people, experiences, recognize them as blessings and are particularly thankful for them. Isn’t that the magic of this season? Everything seems like a blessing during Christmas and the truth is that everything is a blessing, no matter what the season. Blessings aren’t just the gifts we open on Christmas morning. Or even the way that God provided for us to buy those gifts. They are also the hard things. Blessings are not just the positive experiences. but The true blessing of life is found in the two truths that these blessed lyrics in Joy to the World describe so beautifully: Jesus has come and because of this, the blessings in our life will never stop flowing. The advent season reminds us of this truth that¬†everything is a blessing because now Jesus has arrived and¬†He brings magic into every moment of life. And when we live like every moment is magic, life truly is a blessing and we are able to share our blessing of a life with others and give that gift to those who really need it. That’s the true reason He has come. That we may have life and live it to the fullest and we can only do that when the definition of a blessing is the way our lives positively affect others, not the things that positively affect our lives.¬†“He comes to make the blessings flow.” If you would like to join me in¬†giving and being a blessing to the millions of people, especially women in slavery, please support my Dressember campaign for the international Justice Mission here:¬†https://support.dressemberfoundation.org/fundraise?fcid=372170

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