DressemberWeekendUpdate_In all our trials, born to be our Friend

Lyric of the Day: In all our trials, born to be our Friend- O Holy Night 


Dressember Day 19

Dress: Free People

Scarf: Steve Madden

Sweater: Michael Kors

Coat: Jessica Simpson


Dressember Day 20

Dress: Theory

Sweater: H&M

Boots: Michael Kors


Dressember Day 21: The SNOW outside the Colorado Airport! 

Dress: Forever 21

Jacket: Anthracite by Muse

Scarf: Forever 21

Surprises from friends. Surprises for friends. A White Christmas. These three things defined my weekend and helped to color the already joyful season that I am sad is almost at an end! With so much joy and fun around, it is sobering to remember Dressember but in the back of my mind, the dignity of the people I am advocating for keeps me motivated and so thankful for those who have joined me in this challenge.

Speaking out about such a heart-breaking problem in our world today, during a time of year when everyone wants to essentially “forget their troubles” is not an easy thing. While it’s been fun picking out different dresses, blogging, and being supported financially and through prayer from you all; every time I’ve put on a dress this month, a piece of my heart breaks for those unable to forget their troubles, even for a season. When hearing one of my favorite Christmas songs sung more beautifully than I have ever heard it at a concert this weekend, I was reminded of the true reason Jesus was born. To be God with us. Save us from suffering for our sin in the next life and in this life: “In all our trials, born to be our Friend.” What an indescribable gift! As Jesus told His disciples “In this world, you will have trouble” but Jesus has come down in order to be by our side in these hard times so that we will never walk alone. This alone gives me hope and comfort for the problem of modern slavery in this world, and I pray you have the same hope in all the trials in your life. I hope you don’t forget the friendship you have in Christ. He is a friend who sticks closer than a Brother. He is never too busy, never too early, never too late. Let’s not forget to give Him the gift of our Hearts for His birthday, as we are busy seeing our loved ones and spending time: let’s keep close to our hearts this Comforting, Loving Friend who came to make all things new and never let us walk alone. If we don’t get anything else that we wanted for Christmas, we have His friendship, in which we have everything we could ever need.

Please consider and pray about donating and supporting this world-changing organization on my page through this link: https://support.dressemberfoundation.org/checkout/donation?fcid=372170 

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