Dressember Day 16: Gold I bring to crown Him again

Dressember Day 16:

“Gold I bring to crown Him again”- We Three Kings

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the spirit and sentiment in the air that makes us believe we all have something valuable to give to our loved ones. As the gift-giving day of the year quickly approaches, some of us find ourselves shopping at Neiman Marcus, others of us at the Ninety-Nine Cent Store ;all of us pursuing the perfect gift that embodies the words we can’t say “I love you”, “you mean so much to me”, “you deserve to be valued.”

We spend hours scavenging the sale racks and racing our shopping carts with the image of the look on our loved ones’ face when they open that perfect present as the end prize. Yes, the skeptic in me is thinking about how much money is being made off of this sacred holiday and how the retail industry takes advantage of this “gift-giving” spirit of the season. And yet underneath all the hustle & bustle & panic & anticipation: we breathe in this truth: being selfless brings satisfaction. Making others happy, makes you happy. And you may not have everything you want this Christmas, you may not get everything you want this Christmas but you have something. You have been given something and you have something to give. To your loved ones, to women around the world oppressed by the yoke of slavery, to yourself.

Each dress I wear reminds me: even when I feel like there is so much I can’t do, there is something I can do. I can wear a dress and stand against slavery and help the women around the world. I can give the gift of awareness and education to others. I can produce real change. Please join me by visiting my fundraising page: https://support.dressemberfoundation.org/fundraise?fcid=576149 and praying for eyes to see the ways in which God is calling you to give this season. Giving is a way to crown the King.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”- Matthew 25:40 14490398318267-3




dressember day 15: the Christmas Swing

14490398318267-2.jpgAnd if it snows in late December, we don’t care! We’ll do the Christmas Swing- Dixie Chicks #Christmas swing

Well, I’m halfway through Dressember and this year’s process has been an experience of a full range of emotions. Each morning, thinking about what to wear that day, my heart breaks for the many women who don’t even have the opportunity to do something as simple as choose. Have a choice. That freedom that I have every morning to wake up, choose to get out of bed, choose to wear a certain dress that day, even that is something I have that others don’t and something I take for granted.
I dress today to remind myself, despite the snow, and the swinging emotions from a breaking heart to hope: there is always something to be grateful for and there is always an action to take. We can all do our part. Whether it’s $1 or $10 or $100. Please consider giving to my campaign and giving to the cause of choice, freedom & hope.

Love in the room from the floor to the ceiling

Dressember Weekend Update
“It’s a wonderful feeling, with the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling” NSync Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

The Love I have experienced from family and friends has been overwhelming this weekend. In the back of my mind as I wore a dress to each special day, I thought of the many girls that this campaign is fighting to raise awareness for. Although I could not show them tangible love, my heart sends all the love to them and I do my small part to make a difference. Small things done with great love can make a great difference. IMG_9702 (1)

Dressember Day 9: Unchanging

Dressember Day 9
Thy leaves are so unchanging

The seasons changing reminds us that the only certain thing in this life is change. Sometimes that scares us, but sometimes that motivates us. That we, like the leaves, can be part of changing a season. A season of drought, of desert,of famine, can be changed into rain, into spring and blooming. And we can be part of that change. You can be part of that change by supporting the dignity of all women through the @dressember campaign. Please visit my fundraising page: https://support.dressemberfoundation.org/fundraise?fcid=576149=14490398318267.jpg

Dressember Day 8: Without a Smile


#Dressember Day 8
You’re never fully dressed without a smile

We focus so much on what we wear. I realized with this challenge that now more than ever, I have become aware of how much material things consume my time and energy. Gadgets, Accessories, Handbags, Clothes. I really enjoy fashion, putting outfits together, doing this Dressember challenge and using my wardrobe for good but how often am I concerned about what I am communicating to those around me? I have always believed that how you dress says something about who you are. What about how I address my attitude? My emotions? I saw a homeless person yesterday that had a sign that said “Even a smile helps.” Initially I felt like it was a bit of a guilt trip like, but the truth of the matter is, after I smiled at the lady I realized that I could do more. Whenever I make eye contact with strangers, I try to smile at them. Maybe they are having a bad day and just need someone to show them they are recognized, they are loved. Maybe they need to be reminded of the goodness of people. But after I smiled, I realized what else I can do to show love. After I wear these dresses and do something to stand up for girls yoked by slavery around our world; I can do something for girls in my own backyard. I can smile, show them grace and love, tell them they are beautiful and stand up for them when their dignity is taken away through bullying about their looks, or weight. It may start with a smile, it may start with a dress but it could turn into so much more. It can turn into the world being changed.

Give Him your heart

Dressember Day 7
“What can you give Him
What can you bring?
What can you offer
Thats fit for a King
Bow before Jesus
Thats where you can start
What can you give Him
Just Give Him your heart”- Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

We give presents to remind us of Presence. Remind us of the presence of the Lord, our loved ones, our families, our friends. The presence of love, joy, peace, friendship, compassion.
It’s hard buying gifts for certain people isn’t it? We stand in line for hours for that one special toy for our kid. We spend our life savings on that one piece of jewelry for that someone special. We go through extreme measures because we desire to communicate something through the gifts we give. We want them to say: you are loved, you are cherished, you have value, who you are means something to me. The best gift we can give is our Heart. Give it to those you love, and those you don’t know. To the homeless man on the side of the freeway, to the colleague who is in constant competition with you, to the people who are difficult to love, to the projects and work that feels too overwhelming to bear. When we give our heart, we give ourselves. You are exactly the gift the world needs. It’s all baby Jesus asked for, and it doesn’t cost a thing. 14490398318267-4.jpg

Dressember Day 6: The Prince of Peace

#‎Dressember‬ Day 6
“And His Name, Shall be called.. The Prince of Peace”- Handel’s Messiah
Christmas is the time to wish for peace on earth. It feels like if the world could ask Santa Claus one thing, this should be our heart’s cry. With terrorism hitting too close to home, family’s being torn apart, blood being shed: we need a little Christmas. We need a little peace. What we must realize is the very thing we long for, is the very thing we can give to someone else. Look for ways to give peace to someone this week. It may be someone you love, it may be someone you can’t get along with, it may be to the women who suffer as modern-day slaves through the Dressember campaign. But the truth that God came down in the form of a baby in order to gift us with this indescribable peace in any circumstance, brings us to a place where we have no choice BUT to spread peace on this earth. 14490398318267-3.jpg
Please visit my fundraising page: https://support.dressemberfoundation.org/fundraise…

Dressember Day 3: The Spirit of the Season

#Dressember Day 3
The spirit of the season, is made for the dreams come true

Experiencing the magic of Christmastime today at Disneyland, I was reminded of the spirit of this season: that dreams come true. Disney princesses dream of balls and gowns and prince charmings; while the real-life princesses being mistreated and sold into slavey around the world dream of freedom. The spirit of Dressember is to redefine fashion and creativity for a cause. As I wore my dress today and prepared for this magic, I prayed and thought of the woman I am dressing for. I am dressing for their dignity. I am dressing for their dreams to come true #disneyland @Dressember 14490398318267-2.jpg

happy Christmas to all and to all a good night

#Dressember Day 2

Down the chimney St. Nicholas came with a bound.
He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,
And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath;
But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight,
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”- The Night Before Christmas

Lessons from Santa:
Sometimes you have to squeeze through tight places to geto to where you need to go.
Making others happy can often be an inconvenience to yourself.
Spread happiness on your way, as you go!

The Christmas Spirit is all about inconveniencing yourself with the aim to make another happy. We think of and get excited about buying gifts  and doing things for those we love that we know they would appreciate. Why do we do these kind things? Because we know that ultimately, this is what brings us joy. Loving others is a desire inherent to who we are as humans and the character of Santa Claus reminds us that despite the inconveniences, the narrow chimneys, the stale cookies and the others trials he went through: he still spread the Christmas cheer everywhere he went. May we all prioritize the desire to help others, and in turn, help ourselves so a wreath like a halo follows us wherever we go.

my grown-up Christmas List

#dressember day 1
#lyricoftheday 🎶no more lives torn apart…this is my Grown-Up Christmas List🎶
Dressember Day #1: My Grown Up Christmas List– No More LIves Torn Apart by modern day slavery.
Whatever you hope for this Christmas, I hope it’s not just about you. It’s easy to get caught up in this season and think you need to buy just one more thing to make yourself happy when the true source of satisfaction is when you do something for someone else. Join me in helping fight for the inherent dignity of all women. That they will be “clothed with strength and dignity” and restored to their proper place, replacing their role in a statistic, their false identities as a “sex slave” and trading that in for daughter, princess, woman, beautiful. I know my voice matters, and that I can help change the world that millions of abused women and girls wake up to every morning. Your voice matters, too, and our voices are louder together. Let’s sing, let’s run, let’s dress for the restoration of dignity for all women.
Follow my blog and fundraiser page to stay updated on my @dressember challenge and become educated on the fight against modern slavery.
Whatever you hope for this season, some girl is hoping for freedom. Stand with her to make her Christmas list yours. 🙌🏼👯💃🏻14490398318267