my grown-up Christmas List

#dressember day 1
#lyricoftheday 🎶no more lives torn apart…this is my Grown-Up Christmas List🎶
Dressember Day #1: My Grown Up Christmas List– No More LIves Torn Apart by modern day slavery.
Whatever you hope for this Christmas, I hope it’s not just about you. It’s easy to get caught up in this season and think you need to buy just one more thing to make yourself happy when the true source of satisfaction is when you do something for someone else. Join me in helping fight for the inherent dignity of all women. That they will be “clothed with strength and dignity” and restored to their proper place, replacing their role in a statistic, their false identities as a “sex slave” and trading that in for daughter, princess, woman, beautiful. I know my voice matters, and that I can help change the world that millions of abused women and girls wake up to every morning. Your voice matters, too, and our voices are louder together. Let’s sing, let’s run, let’s dress for the restoration of dignity for all women.
Follow my blog and fundraiser page to stay updated on my @dressember challenge and become educated on the fight against modern slavery.
Whatever you hope for this season, some girl is hoping for freedom. Stand with her to make her Christmas list yours. 🙌🏼👯💃🏻14490398318267

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