Dressember Day 6: The Prince of Peace

#‎Dressember‬ Day 6
“And His Name, Shall be called.. The Prince of Peace”- Handel’s Messiah
Christmas is the time to wish for peace on earth. It feels like if the world could ask Santa Claus one thing, this should be our heart’s cry. With terrorism hitting too close to home, family’s being torn apart, blood being shed: we need a little Christmas. We need a little peace. What we must realize is the very thing we long for, is the very thing we can give to someone else. Look for ways to give peace to someone this week. It may be someone you love, it may be someone you can’t get along with, it may be to the women who suffer as modern-day slaves through the Dressember campaign. But the truth that God came down in the form of a baby in order to gift us with this indescribable peace in any circumstance, brings us to a place where we have no choice BUT to spread peace on this earth. 14490398318267-3.jpg
Please visit my fundraising page: https://support.dressemberfoundation.org/fundraise…

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