Dressember Day 8: Without a Smile


#Dressember Day 8
You’re never fully dressed without a smile

We focus so much on what we wear. I realized with this challenge that now more than ever, I have become aware of how much material things consume my time and energy. Gadgets, Accessories, Handbags, Clothes. I really enjoy fashion, putting outfits together, doing this Dressember challenge and using my wardrobe for good but how often am I concerned about what I am communicating to those around me? I have always believed that how you dress says something about who you are. What about how I address my attitude? My emotions? I saw a homeless person yesterday that had a sign that said “Even a smile helps.” Initially I felt like it was a bit of a guilt trip like, but the truth of the matter is, after I smiled at the lady I realized that I could do more. Whenever I make eye contact with strangers, I try to smile at them. Maybe they are having a bad day and just need someone to show them they are recognized, they are loved. Maybe they need to be reminded of the goodness of people. But after I smiled, I realized what else I can do to show love. After I wear these dresses and do something to stand up for girls yoked by slavery around our world; I can do something for girls in my own backyard. I can smile, show them grace and love, tell them they are beautiful and stand up for them when their dignity is taken away through bullying about their looks, or weight. It may start with a smile, it may start with a dress but it could turn into so much more. It can turn into the world being changed.

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