Give Him your heart

Dressember Day 7
“What can you give Him
What can you bring?
What can you offer
Thats fit for a King
Bow before Jesus
Thats where you can start
What can you give Him
Just Give Him your heart”- Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

We give presents to remind us of Presence. Remind us of the presence of the Lord, our loved ones, our families, our friends. The presence of love, joy, peace, friendship, compassion.
It’s hard buying gifts for certain people isn’t it? We stand in line for hours for that one special toy for our kid. We spend our life savings on that one piece of jewelry for that someone special. We go through extreme measures because we desire to communicate something through the gifts we give. We want them to say: you are loved, you are cherished, you have value, who you are means something to me. The best gift we can give is our Heart. Give it to those you love, and those you don’t know. To the homeless man on the side of the freeway, to the colleague who is in constant competition with you, to the people who are difficult to love, to the projects and work that feels too overwhelming to bear. When we give our heart, we give ourselves. You are exactly the gift the world needs. It’s all baby Jesus asked for, and it doesn’t cost a thing. 14490398318267-4.jpg

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