dressember day 15: the Christmas Swing

14490398318267-2.jpgAnd if it snows in late December, we don’t care! We’ll do the Christmas Swing- Dixie Chicks #Christmas swing

Well, I’m halfway through Dressember and this year’s process has been an experience of a full range of emotions. Each morning, thinking about what to wear that day, my heart breaks for the many women who don’t even have the opportunity to do something as simple as choose. Have a choice. That freedom that I have every morning to wake up, choose to get out of bed, choose to wear a certain dress that day, even that is something I have that others don’t and something I take for granted.
I dress today to remind myself, despite the snow, and the swinging emotions from a breaking heart to hope: there is always something to be grateful for and there is always an action to take. We can all do our part. Whether it’s $1 or $10 or $100. Please consider giving to my campaign and giving to the cause of choice, freedom & hope.

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